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Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer w/Remote Resistance w/Sigma 1609L Cadence Computer

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Sku#: 0100184-AST
Brand: Blackburn
You Save:$20.01

Limited Time Offer, Limited Quantities Available.
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Blackburn Tech Mag 6 Trainer w/Remote Resistance w/Sigma 1609L Cadence Computer
Tech Mag 6 trainer offers a wide range of workout opportunities from simple warm ups to moderate interval and speed training. Bar mounted remote allows 6 resistance setting change on the fly. Tubular steel frame construction with adjust height means highly stable ride and doesn't require a track block for the front wheel. This trainer is ideal for enthusiasts looking to move their fitness to a higher level.

This package includes Sigma 1609 Cadence Cycling Computer. The sensor of this computer mounts to the rear wheel, so you will be able to monitor some important information. Functions include current speed, distance covered, elapsed time, and trip distance. The sensor will also pick up your cadence(RPM) from the crank which is essential for an effective and steady work out. Ther is an option for downloading your datat to either a PC or MAC computer. See details by clicking on the link below.

For Bicycle use on and off-road as well as Indoor Training
Sigma 1609L Cadence Coputer
NOW $34.99
Features & Specs:
  • Quiet and smooth magnetic resistance
  • Wide range resistance curve with 6 settings and a bar-mounted remote
  • Tubular steel frame with adjustable height - no track block required
  • FastCrank mounting system
  • Class-leading frame stiffness and unsurpassed stability
  • Tapered cones fit most cavity-style dropouts
  • Include CatEye RD200 Cycling Computer!

    UPC: 768686798368
    Manufacturer Part Number: 2016646*
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