NiteRider Lumina Max 2500 Headlight with NiteLink
NiteRider Lumina Max 2500 Headlight with NiteLink The NiteRider Lumina Max 2500 with NiteLink gives you an excess of options with 8 run times and a Max Boost option. The MAX power requires MAX energy, use only when you need it most. The 8-step fuel gauge gives you a clear picture of how much battery you have left. There are 5 solid brightness levels and 3 multiple flash patterns. The charge time is 3 hours and this only weighs 216g. There is a Lock Mode to prevent it from turning on while in storage. This can pair with NiteRider® NiteLink™ BLE Short Range Wireless devices. The run times are Low - 6:30h at 250 Lumens, Med - 3:30h at 400 Lumens, High - 1:30h at 900 Lumens, Boost - Up to 0:30min at 2500 Lumens, Walk Mode - 16:00h at 80 Lumens, Super Flash - 7:00h+, Pulse Flash - 7:00h+, Fast Flash - 7:00h+. 702699067974
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