SigmaBC 12.0 WL STS CAD Bike Computer
SigmaBC 12.0 WL STS CAD Bike Computer The SigmaBC 12.0 WL STS CAD Bike Computer does a lot and does them all well. It gives you access to twelve functions to give you an overview of your performance on two different bikes at all times. The wireless bike computer also provides monthly performance statistics. It is a true Sigma Original with lots of sophisticated functions. In the wireless (WL) version, the digitally coded STS radio protocol moves your data from the speed transmitter to your bike computer, protecting data while it is being transmitted to the BC 12.0 WL and eliminating external interference. The BC 12.0 WL has an integrated thermometer, showing you precisely what the temperature currently is. If you ride different bikes, you can easily use the BC 12.0 WL on your second bike, too. After setting it up once, you can select the bike you are currently using on your bike computer. Thanks to the pre-defined tire sizes, ranging all the way from a small child’s bike to a 29" bike, setting the tire size on the BC 12.0 WL is effortless. This wireless bike computer displays your personal statistics for the last twelve months, including total distance and ride time. The large backlit display is easy to read, even when it's dark. 4016224122127
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